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Around Slovenia and Austria

Published: 22nd September 2020 Written by: editor1

Last Sunday, along with our friends, we took advantage of a sunny day and went on a trip across Slovenia and Austria. Among other things, we drove along the popular Route 69. Our journey started in Zagorje ob Savi at our klub's place. We drove in the direction of Trojane, across the Tuhinj valley, towards Šenčur and then over Zgornje Jezersko into Austria. We continued our trip along the route 82. Soon we arrived to Sittersdorf, where we changed our course onto the route 81. After a few kilometers, when reaching Pfarrdorf, our course branched off once more. This time on the popular and famous Route 69.
Here we stopped for a very delicious lunch at a restaurant with the same name as the road we were on. That is Route 69, of course. We continued gathering kilometers towards Spielfeld and through Šentilj border crossing back into Slovenia. Since we decided to skip driving on the highway this time, the road led us through vineyard hills in Slovenske gorice region, towards Slovenske Konjice, Celje and lastly over Rimske Toplice back into our Zasavje region.
All together we drove around 420 km.