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About us



Where to find us?

At the end of Zagorje ob Savi, on the way towards Trbovlje ("over the hill"), turn left towards "Europark".

At the end of "Europark" is a small bridge. Turn right.

There you will see about 200 m of plane.

At the end of this plane turn left and you're almost there.

Coordinates: 46.150113, 15.004953


How simple these things work. Some of us are riding motorcycles since our childhood, others began with this lifestyle a few years later with great enthusiasm and without fear of the unknown. But for all of us it's common that we're disastrously crazy about motorcycles. And that's how it all began.

Even before the establishment of MK Katastrofa, founding members were riding across Slovenia and our neighboring countries. We were gathered from different locations and clubs, with wish to spread the idea of motorcycle activity in our region, and especially to be gathered as a brotherhood.
We gathered our thoughts and strengths and soon we were able to see the result: the establishment of MK Katastrofa.