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Bikers' meeting

Since 2013 MK Katastrofa has been hosting annual bikers' meeting called NUCLEAR WEEKEND, which as usual takes place on the second weekend in August. This year would be eighth in a row. Since the very first event we are doing our best to make the best possible atmosphere for our audience.

There were quite a few young rock bands on our stage, mostly from our Zasavje region. For them this kind of event is a great way to promote themselves for their further career. But not only young groups. We can boast that we also hosted some of more known names of Slovenian and foreign rock scene. These are for sure The Drinkers, Rock Partyzani, Pero Lovšin & Španski borci, San Di Ego, Ivan Čukić & Goran Stojković.

Besides various two-day repertoire of live music, which is entertained by Go-Go dancers, we can boast with excellent food and drinks. We prepare it and serve it by ourselves. Raffle is also one more thing that is part of our bikers' meeting since the very first year. Everyone who participates wins a useful prize. Among other things, it is possible to purchase our souvenir items, such as T-shirts, patches and stickers.

Bikers' meeting lasts whole weekend, that's why it's possible to camp at our place without any cost. Camping is available on the meadow below the scene. Path between the scene and camp is accessible with a few stairs. Free breakfast with coffee and refreshing drink is available for everyone who stays at our event till Sunday morning, when the bikers' meeting officially ends.

You are welcome to view some infos and photos of our past events on our facebook page and on our website under Past events.